About James.

James has helped organizations connect and facilitate people at scale for over 12 years.

My work supports clients who want to bridge organizational silos, enable rapid innovation, and facilitate remote working.

I help people involved in operations, communications, HR, and IT to achieve success where they have previously experienced frustration in their change efforts. Together we develop and implement practical and effective business strategies centered on people rather than technology.

As a community and network designer, I specialize in connection and facilitation. I understand the nuances and social interactions that enable effective communication, collaboration, and innovation, drawing on my experience to help clients develop these capabilities.

The objective is to enable connections in the right place at the right time across an organization, supported and facilitated by relevant technologies and processes.

I have extensive practical experience of technologies that support connected organizations. These include Yammer, Teams, Beezy, Workplace from Facebook, Slack, G Suite, Zoom, Asana, Facebook Groups, and Manychat, among many others.

My methodology is influenced by ideas from appreciative inquiry, business model design, lean startup practices, design thinking, and executive coaching.

I work both as an independent consultant and with various partners, including Change Champions Consulting, Generation Digital, Solvable and Talk Social to Me.

My approach has been featured in conferences, on podcasts, and in articles and books, including The Neo-Generalist and Learning Technologies in the Workplace

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James Tyer - Social by Design publication

The Book: Social by Design

James and his frequent collaborator Mark Britz have put their experience and learnings into a forthcoming book. We call what we do Social by Design and that is the title of the book. It’s a practical handbook, not a standard business book.

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