About James.

James has helped organizations connect and facilitate people at scale for over 12 years.

He has been involved in designing and running projects on remote and distributed working, collaboration and innovation at scale, workforce development, change management and business model adaptation. He works to build deep partnerships between HR, Internal Comms, IT, and many operational sides of businesses to bring about the start of successful transformation.

He has worked with companies like Coca-Cola, Kellogg’s, and Loblaws to help them better understand what their amazing people know, and then show them how they can activate those networks. He has worked remotely for most of that time.

He pulls together various techniques in innovative ways, including lean startup, appreciative inquiry, business model design, design thinking, and executive coaching.

Though he spent productive years in both London, England and Toronto, he recently returned to the lush green (rainy) landscapes of Vancouver.

His work has been featured in books, articles and podcasts. Two worth a read are The Neo-Generalist and Learning Technologies in the Workplace

James Tyer - Social by Design publication

The Book: Social by Design

James and his frequent collaborator Mark Britz have put their experience and learnings into a forthcoming book. We call what we do Social by Design and that is the title of the book. It’s a practical handbook, not a standard business book.

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